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本センターがCongress of IR 2016として開催したWorkshop – Population Changes and the Emerging Social Issues の報告書が完成しました。全56ページです。PDFファイルでご覧いただくことができます。内容をご紹介いたします。

Workshop – Population Changes and the Emerging Social Issues


  • Introduction
  • The Workshop
  • An Unexpected Gift of the PopulationDecrease: A New Type of International Cooperation between Japan and Kenya on Human-wildlifeConflictSeminar Students of Prof. Konaka & ESP(E-Satoyama Project)
  • Policies for Studying Abroad Based on theMyth of Inward-looking Nature of Japanese YouthAustralian Studies Class
  • Attracting Chinese Tourists to ShizuokaPrefectureThe Research Seminar of ProfessorNagura
  • Doctor Keiko Yamanaka’s Comments

fileCongress of IR 2016報告書(全56ページ、約1MB)


  • Congress of IR 2016 澤田敬人
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