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Striving for Information Barrier-Free ~Challenges of Social Enterprise~

Feb 20th (Fri.) 1:30pm-5:00pm

University of Shizuoka Nursing Dpt. Lecture room #13411

We would like to have an opportunity to think together about “Information Barrier-Free” and “Social Enterprise” at this public symposium.
"Information Barrier-Free" society is in which all people in the society have access to various information both freely and equally regardless of age, place you live or different disabilities. With a rapid development of globalization, we are able to have access to the information we need whenever and wherever we wish. Nevertheless, not everyone in the world have access to information they need.
Information is carried on a variety of media such as internet, book, newspaper, magazine and TV in the forms of character, image and audio. However, there are people who are not accessible to internet, who cannot use new technology, who are unable to read published books without digital data or audio book, and who cannot enjoy movies without subtitles. They are eager to have an access to the information they need.
We would like to introduce social entrepreneurs that dedicate their lives to break down those barriers. A “social enterprise” has a vision for an ideal society, and is a social mission driven organization which trade in goods or services for a social purpose.
We will be focusing on new technologies: digital and multimedia books, that enables the visually impaired people, persons with physical disabilities, dyslexia or learning disabilities to read books. The leaders of these social enterprises will introduce their mission and vision as well as the future perspectives and strategies
We are looking forward to this opportunity to think together about how we can deal with this information barrier issues as well as what we can do to break down those barriers.

Jim Fruchterman (CEO of the Benetech Initiative)
Hiroshi Kawamura (President of the DAISY Consortium)

1:00pm-1:30pm Registration
1:30pm-1:40pm Opening Speech
1:40pm-2:30pm Jim Fruchterman
2:30pm-3:20pm Hiroshi Kawamura
3:20pm-3:40pm Break
3:40pm-5:00pm Panel Discussion

Hosted by:
Prof. Jun Ishikawa of the Faculty of International Relations at University of Shizuoka

Co-Hosted by:
Japan Foundation for Aging and Health
Barrier-free documents Resources Center
Center for Global Studies, Graduate School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka

No admission fee is required
No advanced reservations required (we have 200 seats available)
There is no parking provided. Please use public transportation.
Please contact us if you need any help with transportations.

Contact Information:
52-1 Yana Suruga-key Shizuoka-she
054-264-5325 (Contact person: Ms. Yamashita)
Jun Ishikawa of the Faculty of International Relations at University of Shizuoka

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