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With this rapidly growing interdependence of the world, Globalization offers the peoples new opportunities for innovation and improvements to their lives, while posing new threats to their well-being.  The Center for Global Studies (CEGLOS) is committed to addressing both the theoretical and practical issues of Globalization by various frameworks of academic research. In achieving this goal, the CEGLOS critically attempts to conceptualize by functioning as a hub for both global and local scholarship and by proposing a refined vision for global citizenship at Shizuoka, where the CEGLOS is located.

To serve its function as the very first "hub", the CEGLOS creates a common ground for collaborative interactions cutting across various disciplinary perspectives, thereby planning and carrying out research, making its outcomes open to the public, and undertaking educational projects on Globalization.  Overall, the CEGLOS will internationally promote and support cutting-edge innovative scholarship to define and critically analyze Globalization as a contested notion.


1. The CEGLOS encourages not only inter-disciplinary exchanges but also promotes cross-boundary disciplinary syntheses to reach a breakthrough for real-world issues thrown up by Globalization.

2. The CEGLOS has three spheres of inquiry: the discipline-specific sphere, the area study sphere, and the global issues sphere. Each scholar traverses and synthesizes these spheres to conceptualize Globalization and identify an approach to studying Globalization.

3. The CEGLOS globally promotes exchanges of viewpoints across disciplines without rigidly demarcating areas of study, as the CEGLOS believes that a multi-disciplinary academic community is important for nurturing research and pedagogy.

4. Through public symposiums and international conferences, the CEGLOS shares its research outcome with other communities, thereby promoting a mutual understanding of the phenomenon of Globalization.

5. The Certificate Program for Social Research is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. This is the CEGLOS’ staunch commitment to pedagogy.

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