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"Toward the Future of Food Security: Implications from the Local Livelihood"

CEGLOS + GLOCOL Open Joint Symposium
Date: December 6 (Sat.) 2008
Place: Sub-auditorium, University of Shizuoka.
52-1 Yada, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, 422-8526 JAPAN.

The food security is one of the most important agenda of the world today after the globalization brought the huge gap of the wealth. However, we tend to pay much attention to the food security of the state-level than the local-level. It has been rarely considered the fact that the food security cannot be maintained without the daily efforts by the local residents. Therefore, in this symposium we tried to shift our viewpoint from the food security of the state to the food security of the people.
This symposium was inter-disciplinarily organized under the collaboration between Center for Global Studies (CEGLOS), University of Shizuoka and Global Collaboration Center (GLOCOL), Osaka University. The panelists are quite various both in their major field of the study (Development Studies, Anthropology, Jurisprudence, and Area Studies) and in their main field area (Alaska, Canada, Vietnam, Bhutan, Indonesia, Russia, France, and Kenya). Each panelist made a presentation on the local reality of the food security based on the most resent data of their field work. The data shown at the symposium made it possible to compare and broaden our perspectives on the food security at the grassroots level. The symposium was quite significant as an opportunity to reconsider many issues, globalization, safety net, food security, poverty, famine, food culture, human security and international development.

Akiko Ueda (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University)
Yoshinori Sumimura (Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University)
Si Qin Fu (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University)
Mariko Arata (Visiting Researcher, National Museum of Ethnology)
Shinya Konaka (Associate Professor, CEGLOS, University of Shizuoka)
Osamu Nakagawa (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, GLOCOL, Osaka University)
Nobuhiro Kisigami (Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)

Chairman and Discussant
Yasuaki Tamaki (Professor, CEGLOS, University of Shizuoka)
Kazuyori Ito (Lecturer, CEGLOS, University of Shizuoka)
Yoichi Hiruma (Research Associate, CEGLOS, University of Shizuoka)

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