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Activity Report: Program for Promoting University Education Reform

In February and March, 2011, five staff members of the Center for Global Studies carried overseas fieldwork study trips in the following five locations:

United States

  • Supervisor: Associate Professor Mitsuhiro Fujimaki
  • Participants: 9 students
  • Term: March 17th – 28th


  • Supervisor: Associate Professor Takahito Sawada
  • Participants: 16 students
  • Term: February 15th - 28th


  • Supervisor: Associate Professor Shinya Konaka
  • Participants: 10 students
  • Term: March 1st – 12th


  • Supervisor: Professor Yoji Tatsuta
  • Participants: 19 students
  • Term: March 7th - 17th


  • Supervisor: Assistant Professor Yoichi Hiruma
  • Participants: 15 students
  • Term: March 14th - 22nd


A debriefing session on this overseas fieldwork program will be held on Tuesday, May 31st. The session is open to the public.

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