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Adapted to "GP (Good Practice)" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Yoji Tatsuta (Professor) and Yoichi Hiruma (Assistant Professor)

We, the Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka, have applied out own program to the Program for Promoting University Education and Student Support, Theme A: Program for Promoting University Education Reform, or "GP". Our program is named "Construction of Educational Model for the First Year Experience from Field Exposure". Selected as one of the GP programs, this is the first adaptation in our faculty and also the only one in Shizuoka prefecture this year. In addition, this is an outcome of action by the Center for Global Studies.

This program is being conducted as first-year experience in Faculty by the International Relations. First, students will be conducting field work in/outside Japan. Then, the evaluation system and recommendations will be reviewed in order to construct a vivid educational system. It is expected that through subjective and active ways of exploring students will identify and handle issues on their own and strengthen their abilities as problem solvers.

The program will last for three years (2010-2013). There are about fifty first-grade students participating in this program and about twenty senior-grade students acting as advisers. They will take classes offered by Museion Shizuoka and a practicum class at least once a week. An orientation program on overseas studies and crisis management was held on December 8th and a workshop at Kasugawakamiya Onmatsuri in Nara prefecture also took place on December 17th.

We expect that students will gain understanding, consideration, and power to be active explorers around the world through participation in this program.

The six field works are as given below:

  1. Santa Fe (Kendai Project for Editing Guidebook on Santa Fe Area): Mitsuhiro Fujimaki (Associate Professor)
  2. Sydney (the multicultural town): Takahito Sawada (Associate Professor)
  3. Kenya (SUSPA 2011: Students of University of Shizuoka Projects for Africa 2011): Shinya Konaka (Associate Professor)
  4. Spain (Way of St. James, Mudejar, and others): Yoji Tatsuta (Professor)
  5. Vietnam (Son My, Ho Chi Minh, and others (memories of the Vietnam War)): Yoichi Hiruma (Assistant Professor)
  6. Japan (Japanese culture such as Noh play, Noh farce and traditional classic art for introducing to foreign countries): Sayaka Iwakura (Lecturer)
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