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Migration Policies for Democracy: Japan and South Korea

Dr Keiko Yamanaka, University of California at Berkeley, USA, will present this free public seminar on Monday 29 June from 2:40 – 4:10 pm in Room 2107, University of Shizuoka.

The literature on Asian migration policies has developed over recent years with many researchers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Much of the work has been focused around the governance of particular problems which have relation to defense policies and economic schemes. Migration can be understood as a developmental process of human desire in wants of democracy and social movement. Researchers, as well as policy makers, need to ask some questions about how migration policies work and what drives democratic responses to migration.

Dr Yamanaka is a specialist in the areas of social change and migration. She has published widely in respected academic journals for many years. Her interests lie in issues concerning international labor migration, ethnic and racial relations, and Asian studies.

This free public seminar is:hosted by Associate Professor Takahito Sawada, Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka(Phone & Fax: +81-54-264-5254),co-hosted by Center for Global Studies, Graduate School of International Relations, University of Shizuoka.

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