new Workshop: Population Changes and the Emerging Social Issues
The Center for Global Studies will host a workshop on February 17th.
Reconsidering the Basic Human Needs for the East African Pastoralists
The Center for Global Studies will jointly host an international workshop on December 10th and 11th.
Good Practice Activity Report
In February and March, 2011, five staff members of the Center for Global Studies carried overseas fieldwork study trips.
Good Practice
We, the Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka, have applied out own program to the Program for Promoting University Education and Student Support, Theme A: Program for Promoting University Education Reform, or ''GP''. Our program is named ''Construction of Educational Model for the First Year Experience from Field Exposure''. Selected as one of the GP programs, this is the first adaptation in our faculty and also the only one in Shizuoka prefecture this year. In addition, this is an outcome of action by the Center for Global Studies.
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